Respect Life Committee

News from our Parish Respect Life Committee especially for Women

Promotes the sanctity of life, at every stage, through love, prayer and supportive programs & activities.
Contact: Ann Marie Beaver (215) 483-8204

If you need help or just have a questions call:  Pregnancy Hotline 610-626-4006 or Pro Life Union 215-885-8150

Several members of this committee recently attended a conference on a new women’s health science called NaProTechnology. After 30 years of research, this science offers a better understanding of a woman’s cycle through a method called Creighton Model Fertility Care System. This method offers real solutions to real problems such as: infertility, miscarriages, menstrual cramps, PMS, ovarian cysts, postpartum depression, irregular or abnormal bleeding and hormonal abnormalities. We heard testimonies from doctors, women and couples who had wonderful results from this new technology. It not only cured the health problem but it also helped them to understand the church’s teaching and grow closer to God. Dr. Monique Ruberu was the main speaker who testified that this science is not taught in the mainstream medical schools and she was blown away & experienced a conversion herself when she learned of this new method that works with the science of women’s bodies.

This is some contact information: Friends of Fertility Care, Philadelphia –; Dr. Monique Ruberu (OB/Gyn, Huntingdon Valley, PA) – 215-914-2600; Dr. Eleanor Tiongson (Ob/Gyn, Ridley Park, PA); NaProTechnology –