IHM Free Lending Library

IHM Spiritual Free Lending Library & Resources Center

IHM Spiritual Resources in our CHURCH and in our HOMES

The IHM Free Lending Library is available for use by all parishioners. The Library covers many topics of our Faith and is a valuable tool for our Faith Formation. Categories include: The Bible, Church History and Truths, Mary, Prayer, the Popes/Papacy, the Saints, Spirituality, and Various Topics. Reading these books can enrich our spiritual lives making us better prepared to help others in their spiritual journey. The library is located in the room formerly used for Baptisms, which is adjacent to the church’s main lobby. We need to know our faith to better share it with others. If you have spiritual books that you’ve read and would like to share with your fellow parishioners, bring them along and place them in the book donation basket. Generous parishioners have donated over four hundred books to an ever growing collection.

The Mission of Faith Display Case offers CDs featuring inspiring Catholic speakers as well as books, by authentic, well known authors, booklets, and pamphlets on a wide range of topics to inspire and encourage us in our daily life. These resources are brought to our parish by two non-profit, Catholic lay apostolates, Lighthouse Catholic Media and Stewardship: A Mission of Faith, whose mission is to “feed hungry hearts”. They do this by bringing these resources into parishes where they will be easily accessible. They offer everything free to anyone who needs them – but they do appreciate any donations, which are used entirely to bring resources to more parishes. The Display Case is located in the same room as the IHM Free Lending Library.

The Pamphlet Rack: Located in that same room it contains: Prayer Cards, Sacramental items, Pamphlets covering Novenas, Way of the Cross, the Rosary and other spiritual aides, all donated by generous parishioners. Any donations for these items go to our parish.

Please visit the above mentioned resources before or after mass to see what might fit your spiritual needs or the needs of others that you know.