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Clergy Schedule (February – Celebrants subject to change)

Weekend Clergy Schedule for February  9th and February 10th

Saturday, February 9th
5:15PM Vigil: Fr. Casey

Sunday, February 10th
7:30AM: Fr. Casey
9:30AM:  Fr. Bongard/Deacon Sam 
11:30AM: Fr. Verruni/Deacon Sam

Weekend Clergy Schedule for February  16th and February 17th

Saturday, February 16th
5:15PM Vigil: Fr. Verruni

Sunday, February 17th
7:30AM: Fr. Bongard
9:30AM:  Fr. Verruni/Deacon Sam
11:30AM: Fr. Casey/Deacon Sam

Weekend Clergy Schedule for February  23rd and February 24th

Saturday, February 23rd
5:15PM Vigil: Fr. Verruni

Sunday, February 24th
7:30AM: Fr. Casey
9:30AM:  Fr.  Casey/Deacon Sam ***
11:30AM: Fr. Casey/Deacon Sam***

***Deacon Sam Preach

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Information

Office for the New Evangelization All of the current events
in the Archdiocese http://phillyevang.org

Family Services

Catholic Family Fun Club (CFFC)
Want to find Catholic activities for the whole family to do together? Want to meet other families that share your values? Look no further! The Catholic Family Fun Club (CFFC) and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia invite you to join the Catholic Family Fun Club to network with other families and to attend—and create—local Catholic catechetical and social activities. Go tohttp://www.meetup.com/Catholic-Family-Fun-Club/ to join. Please direct questions to Mary Beth at catholicfamilyfun@gmail.com

Catholic Social Services Adoption Services Services can help you consider the options for your baby so that you choose the one that is right for you.
We offer free confidential counseling, free referral assistance, extensive home study and background checks on adoptive families, peace of mind knowing your child is placed in a safe home and option to have active participation in the process.

For more information call Ebony Griffin, Social Worker— 267-331-2455 or e-mail egriffin@chs-adphila.org

IHM Spiritual Free Lending Library & Resources Center

IHM Spiritual Resources in our CHURCH and in our HOMES

The IHM Free Lending Library is available for use by all parishioners. The Library covers many topics of our Faith and is a valuable tool for our Faith Formation. Categories include: The Bible, Church History and Truths, Mary, Prayer, the Popes/Papacy, the Saints, Spirituality, and Various Topics. Reading these books can enrich our spiritual lives making us better prepared to help others in their spiritual journey. The library is located in the room formerly used for Baptisms, which is adjacent to the church’s main lobby. We need to know our faith to better share it with others. If you have spiritual books that you’ve read and would like to share with your fellow parishioners, bring them along and place them in the book donation basket. Generous parishioners have donated over four hundred books to an ever growing collection.

The Mission of Faith Display Case offers CDs featuring inspiring Catholic speakers as well as books, by authentic, well known authors, booklets, and pamphlets on a wide range of topics to inspire and encourage us in our daily life. These resources are brought to our parish by two non-profit, Catholic lay apostolates, Lighthouse Catholic Media and Stewardship: A Mission of Faith, whose mission is to “feed hungry hearts”. They do this by bringing these resources into parishes where they will be easily accessible. They offer everything free to anyone who needs them – but they do appreciate any donations, which are used entirely to bring resources to more parishes. The Display Case is located in the same room as the IHM Free Lending Library.

The Pamphlet Rack: Located in that same room it contains: Prayer Cards, Sacramental items, Pamphlets covering Novenas, Way of the Cross, the Rosary and other spiritual aides, all donated by generous parishioners. Any donations for these items go to our parish.

Please visit the above mentioned resources before or after mass to see what might fit your spiritual needs or the needs of others that you know.

FORMED Program: The parish also provides us with FREE access to a wealth of spiritual material ONLINE, including: FEATURE LENGTH MOVIES, PROGRAM/COURSES, AUDIO TALKS, and DEVOUTIONAL EBOOKS. You can access FORMED by going to FORMED.org. Register using the Parish Code B2H4YJ and set up your username.

News from our Parish Respect Life Committee especially for Women

Several members of this committee recently attended a conference on a new women’s health science called NaProTechnology. After 30 years of research, this science offers a better understanding of a woman’s cycle through a method called Creighton Model Fertility Care System. This method offers real solutions to real problems such as: infertility, miscarriages, menstrual cramps, PMS, ovarian cysts, postpartum depression, irregular or abnormal bleeding and hormonal abnormalities. We heard testimonies from doctors, women and couples who had wonderful results from this new technology. It not only cured the health problem but it also helped them to understand the church’s teaching and grow closer to God. Dr. Monique Ruberu was the main speaker who testified that this science is not taught in the mainstream medical schools and she was blown away & experienced a conversion herself when she learned of this new method that works with the science of women’s bodies.

This is some contact information: Friends of Fertility Care, Philadelphia – www.fertilitycarefriends.org; Dr. Monique Ruberu (OB/Gyn, Huntingdon Valley, PA) – 215-914-2600; Dr. Eleanor Tiongson (Ob/Gyn, Ridley Park, PA); NaProTechnology – www.NaProTechnology.com.

Fuel Assistance Program

State-wide Grant Program Home heating costs continue to have a major impact on monthly budgets. To assist people with these rising costs, the Pennsylvania Home Heating Fuel Assistance Rebate Program (LIHEAP) is now in progress. This is a state-wide program.

This Fuel Assistance Program is available to people of all ages within the income guidelines. For example, individuals with a monthly income under $1,458, or a two-person household with a monthly income under $1,966 qualify for the grant. Call United POLAM Social Services at (215)-923-1900 Monday through Friday between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M. and a staff worker will answer your questions and assist you in completing an application. This grant is provided to all who qualify and does not have to be repaid. All inquiries are strictly confidential.

The Calix Society

The Calix Society Are you currently in a 12-step program? Would you like to be able to freely discuss how your Catholic faith, Christ and His sacraments nourish your recovery? If so, the Calix Society is for you! This group serves to enhance (not replace) 12-step groups with an emphasis upon our journey in Christ. You can find our national website at www.calixsociety.org and local meeting information at www.philly-calix.com/. You may also contact Ken at 215-327-3236 or Amy at 610-405-7747.

The Social Wellness Foundation

The Social Wellness Foundation is co-sponsoring a community outreach program as part of our “Eat Well work Well” national goodwill campaign. A Volunteer Dr and participating restaurant will provide you staff with a free healthy lunch catered directly to your office. A local volunteer doctor who specializes in nutrition & stress management will come on-site to your company or organization during lunch and deliver a 30-45 minute educational & fun presentation with a complementary catered breakfast or lunch for your employees.

For a faster response due to heavy call volumes, please email contact info and questions to info@socialwellnesstalks.com Please include LUNCH in the subject heading. All you need to provide are three tentative dates, lunch time, head count, company you are calling from, address and person of contact. Or you can sign up online at www.socialwellnesstalks.com
Reserve your lunch by calling 1-800-380-9855 ext. 1

The Legion of Mary “Mary, Mystical Rose”

Meets every Wednesday at 6:45 P.M. in the Rectory Parish Center. Praesidium is open to all IHM parishioners. Please join us in praying the Rosary, spiritual reading, and discussing service for our neighbors. Some of our service works include visiting the homebound and the elderly at a nursing home, bringing Pilgrim Virgin Mary and Sacred Heart of Jesus statues to homes for family prayer, and leading a Rosary prayer group at the nursing home. Come help us spread the love of Jesus under the tender care of our Blessed Mother. You are most welcome and needed! Please contact Wendi.Wagoner@uphs.upenn.edu.


Please consider: Inviting our Christian brothers and sisters, who may not always have the opportunity to attend a retreat, to participate in ours. Having individual direct care staff and/or relative on site during retreat (not required-suggested). Volunteering your own time and expertise.

To register, volunteer or for more information, please contact: Mr. Peter M. Schumacher at
215-412-4382; E-mail: peteandrepeat228@aol.com or Malvern Retreat House at 610-644-0400; E-mail: mail@malvernretreat.com

UNITE, Inc. Grief Support After Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Death UNITE, Inc. Chestnut Hill Hospital meets 3rd Sunday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Contact: Dora Eaton at 1-888-488-6483 or visit www.unitegriefsupport.org

Catholic Business Professionals of Greater Philadelphia – Catholic Business Professionals of Greater Philadelphia is a networking organization with the goal of fostering relationships among Catholic Professionals in the Greater Philadelphia region. Members strive to keep Jesus Christ and the principles of the Catholic faith at the core of their professional and personal development. Learn more at www.catholicpros.com

Interested In Joining An Excellent Catholic Singles Organization? The Catholic Alumni Club International is looking to expand into the Philadelphia diocese. We provide a group dedicated to social, cultural, civic and spiritual relationships in a Catholic setting. For more info please check out the following site or contact Steve at valksr@yahoo.com; www.caci.org